DIY Hanging Lightbulbs

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chicken wire
1×2 wood strips (at home improvement stores such as Home Depot, they can cut to desired size for you)
small nails
4 small hooks (to attach the chain onto each end of the wooden frame)
lamp kits
L brackets
liquid nails (or other wood glue for the frame)

Mount wood frame to desired size and secure the inner joints with L brackets. Stain or paint your frame if you’d like. Layer chicken wire over the top of your frame, and secure it with nails. This will help you divvy up the space between each lightbulb. Drill a hole on each end of the frame to attach the hooks, where the chain will mounted. From the bottom of your frame, thread your lamp kits through the wire mesh.


Ray Ban Inspired Wedding Invitation Suite: An FYWI Original

Since today is FYWI Theme Tuesday I decided today would be a perfect day to share a wedding invitation suite that I myself created for a school project. As I’ve said before I’m a graphic design major at Florida State University (Go Noles!) & for my color theory class we had to do a final project where we were to create anything that 1. had to include color & 2. was a work of art that focused on our interest and what we hope to pursue when we graduate. In light of my event and wedding planning/design aspirations I decided to incorporate a wedding into my final project. As some of you may remember, a few months back I asked everyone to vote on a few themes that I had in mind for executing a wedding reception shoot. Time got the best of me & although the ideas were BRILLIANT I just didn’t have enough time to get everything together and do a shoot. I still plan to do them in my spare time this year though. So I went to my plan B. A wedding invitation suite!

My Ray Ban Inspired Wedding Invitation Suite is a concept that I came up with after seeing this Ray Ban Themed Registration Of Marriage Ceremony that I posted. The construction of the design is modeled after the actual packaging of a pair of Ray Ban glasses. Most Ray Ban glasses come in a grey box with a eyeglass cleaning cloth and a black instruction/care booklet. Click here for more photos and information about the project.

What does everyone think, love it or hate it?


Wedding Invitation
Loving the simplicity yet cleverness of this. “Tie the knot” by Christina Moralego.


Wedding Invitation

Loving the simplicity yet cleverness of this. “Tie the knot” by Christina Moralego.

(Source: rachelmercer)

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