Ray Ban Inspired Wedding Invitation Suite: An FYWI Original

Since today is FYWI Theme Tuesday I decided today would be a perfect day to share a wedding invitation suite that I myself created for a school project. As I’ve said before I’m a graphic design major at Florida State University (Go Noles!) & for my color theory class we had to do a final project where we were to create anything that 1. had to include color & 2. was a work of art that focused on our interest and what we hope to pursue when we graduate. In light of my event and wedding planning/design aspirations I decided to incorporate a wedding into my final project. As some of you may remember, a few months back I asked everyone to vote on a few themes that I had in mind for executing a wedding reception shoot. Time got the best of me & although the ideas were BRILLIANT I just didn’t have enough time to get everything together and do a shoot. I still plan to do them in my spare time this year though. So I went to my plan B. A wedding invitation suite!

My Ray Ban Inspired Wedding Invitation Suite is a concept that I came up with after seeing this Ray Ban Themed Registration Of Marriage Ceremony that I posted. The construction of the design is modeled after the actual packaging of a pair of Ray Ban glasses. Most Ray Ban glasses come in a grey box with a eyeglass cleaning cloth and a black instruction/care booklet. Click here for more photos and information about the project.

What does everyone think, love it or hate it?