Obama OG

- Strain of the Hour -

Today’s pick is Obama OG. This is an interesting strain of kush due to the buzz and its obscure genetics, which are almost impossible to locate. At any cost, we give it a thumbs up.

  • Name: Omaba OG
  • Classification: Indica Dominate - Sativa Hybrid
  • Genetics(?): Michigan born and raised, a hybrid skunk select mother (?) X with super resinous Afghani X OG Kush father .
  • 21.14% THC: Analgesic, neuroprotector, appetite stimulant.
  • 01.19% CBD: Anti-anxiety, anti-convulsant, inhibits cancer cell growth.
  • 00.73% CBN: Modifies “high”, byproduct of THC degradation.

Looks: Frosty, dense, and well cured nugs with “orange hair” spotting. Very sticky to the touch.

Smell: A very light hint of lemon and pine. Smell intensifies when scissoring up a nug… a noticeable sour like funk kicks in, which will permeate the air and linger for hours.

Taste: Funky, organic, and a bit sour. Leaves behind a strong hashy after taste with slight dry mouth.

Buzz Type: Super heavy body high coupled with a fuzzy head. Intense body tingle… so intense some may think a body part is actually falling a sleep. Creates heavy eyes within 20 minutes. Obama OG comesg down to a smooth, relaxing or sleep induced ending.

[Ref: San Diego Coastal CollectiveSGLabs; SuperiorGenetics]